Adding custom statistics to gem5

This is a tutorial on how to add statistics in gem5.

– All the stats are defined in the namespace Stats. namespace Stats is spread across the following files:

   -- src/base/statistics.hh
   -- src/sim/stat\_control.hh
   -- src/base/stats/info.hh
   -- src/base/stats/output.hh
   -- src/base/stats/text.hh
   -- src/base/stats/type.hh
   -- src/python/pybind11/
   -- sim/power/mathexpr\_powermodel.hh

The schedStatEvent() function is used to dump statistics either all at once or periodically. This is defined in src/sim/ schedStatEvent() creates a new StatEvent. The default values for when is curTick and repeat is 0, so the StatEvent created by schedStatEvent executes in the same cycle and does not push itself to the event queue again when processed. The process() function of StatEvent calls Stats::dump() and Stats::reset() both of which are defined in base/statistics.hh. The dump() calls the constructor of dumpHandler() which is a variable “Handler dumpHandler” in the Stats namespace in the same file initialized to NULL. Same for reset and resetHandler(). The dumpHandler and resetHandler variables are set using the call to registerHanlders() also defined in the same file.

When the gem5 system initantiates the objects by calling instantiate() method in src/python/m5/, in instantiate() method it calls stats.initSimStats() which is defined in /src/python/m5/stats/ and calls _m5.stats.registerPythonStatsHandlers() which in turn is defined in src/sim/ and calls registerHandlers(pythonReset, pythonDump); to regisetr the handlers we were talking about in the previous paragraph.

Minor CPU

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